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What to Know About Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Approach

Mobile Friendly Website

A nyone, who has ever dealt with search engine optimization, knows that Google is never content. They constantly make changes, in order to deal with technological advances. When something diversifies their opinion regarding the current playing field, Google will initiate adjustments, which will force webmasters and SEO companies to change their strategies. The latest switch to come from the most powerful search engine is the addition of a more mobile-friendly algorithm. Not only will this bring about revisions to webmasters, who rely on the search engine for traffic, but it will also transform the results that users receive.


Dramatic Evolution for Searchers

The innovations will certainly have a major impact on the services delivered to Internet searchers. It’ll give them the ability to find websites that suit their specific devices better. If you’re performing a search on a mobile phone, you’ll instantly be able to find sites, which are optimized perfectly for these devices. This will help to offer a more beneficial search, regardless of the user’s device or operating system.


Webmaster’s Concerns

When it comes to webmasters, big changes are coming, which could potentially destroy a site’s overall ranking, if it is not properly optimized for all devices. Basically, websites, which are not configured properly for mobile devices, will take a major hit in rankings. They’ll begin to receive less and less mobile traffic, since they’ll be dropped further down in the mobile search results. Since a majority of Internet users surf the Internet on their mobile devices, many websites generate the majority of their traffic from mobile sources. If your website is not optimized for these device, it is highly important that you take the time to correct the problem immediately.


Preparing for The Future

In order for websites to maintain their high levels of traffic, it is crucial to prepare for a more mobile-friendly Google. If you’re using content management systems, such as WordPress, you may not have to do anything, at all. However, many site owners prefer to use their own platforms, which will need a little tinkering. For instance, you will want to take the time to increase the overall size of the text on your website. It is also wise to rely on Google’s new tools, in order to look at your site, as if you’re using a cell phone. This will help you adjust the items that need attention, without touching those that do not.



Overall, Google is looking towards the future, with this new algorithm change. They understand that more individuals are connecting to the Internet through their mobile phones and tablets. It is up to webmasters to adjust to this transformation. If you aren’t certain you can make the transition in an affordable manner, you may wish to switch to a more mobile-friendly platform, such as WordPress.

Click here to test if your website is mobile friendly.
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