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Planned Scheduled Maintenance 5-24-2017

Date & Time:
May 24, 2017 from 2:00AM EST to May 24, 2017 at 6:00AM EST

Expected Outage (ETA):
3-4 Hours

Affected Server:
papooh servers

Action Required by Customer:
None at this time

Planned FSCK

Further Information:
This is a preventative maintenance that is absolutely required to avoid potential future issues.
Thank you for your patience.


On Page and Off Page SEO Optimization
On Page and Off Page SEO Optimization

An Ideal Approach to On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

W ith more and more businesses deciding to buy SEO services to get the online marketing advantage, it’s more than ever to get your SEO basics right. After all, competition is going through the roof and unless you are well versed with your SEO knowledge, you won’t really stand a chance to beat it.

With that said, let us dive straight into learning some of the important on-page and off-page SEO factors. Read more

SEO DOs and Don'ts
SEO DOs and Don'ts

A Look at Some of the Most Important SEO Do’s and Don’ts 2015

SEO is a constantly changing game. One can’t just stick to a particular set of rules or techniques and expect them to work forever. In fact, nowadays, it seems that the search engines have started waging war against those who try to manipulate it by resorting to tricky link-building practices. As a result, most of the SEO techniques that used to work pretty well a few years back are now completely obsolete. Read more

What are Bad Backlinks
What are Bad Backlinks

What are Bad Backlinks? (And How to Avoid Them)

Linking is extremely important for any SEO strategy. Search engines treat links as votes for popularity votes and using complex algorithms, they have created a way to evaluate sites and pages based partially on this information. However, not all linking is good—some can actually harm your SEO ranking enough to make all of your other SEO efforts ineffective. In this article, we’ll tell you all about bad links and how to avoid them. Read more


A complete overview on branding and the importance it holds for a business

W ell, you’ve probably heard quite a lot of things about how important branding is and why you should focus on it and on and on. However, most of the time, your reaction to such things would be that maybe branding is only for big companies with presence across a particular country or in multiple ones. This is rather a huge misconception, and probably the reason why most of the small business never make it too far. Let’s have a look at understanding what exactly branding is in its true sense. Read more

Professionally Designed Websites
Professionally Designed Websites

Why is it important to have a professionally designed website?

As far as online marketing is concerned, the visitors do seem to be judging the book by its cover. When one visits a website, the first thing they look at is how well designed it is. If it looks like an old one page website, most of the visitors may not even take a second look at it, regardless of how engaging the content you have posted to it is. Read more


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